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New Look…coming soon!

Hi Everyone!

Soon you will see a new look to Multiply Delicious.  I’m so excited about this new change and new look and I hope you will too.  As you all know I love to cook, but I also have other areas of interest and I wanted to expand my blog to talk about those things too.  To all my current email subscribers you will have to re-subscribe once the new blog was up.  Sorry about this but there was no way to keep the current email updates with the new blog.  The reasoning being is that I will have 4 different tabs to the new site all with different topics.  In order for you to get the email of choice the email feeder had to be broken out.  So please come back and sign up once we are live, which I’m hoping will be tomorrow. 

I want to thank my wonderful designer Lauren at Restored 316 Designs for all her help.  It’s been a month and half process of completing, but the end results are everything I envision.  Thank you Lauren for all your hard work and for helping me put my vision on the screen!  I couldn’t be happier!

I hope everyone will enjoy the new blog!  See you soon!


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