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Here are a few pictures from my recent trip to Salt Lake City.  It was a short trip but I really enjoyed Salt Lake.  What a great city!  Very clean and the snow topped mountains were breath taking!

This is a photo of Salt Lake Cities City Hall.  It was beautiful!

These are the deer sculptures in the Courtyard Garden at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake.  They were too cute and I knew the girls would love seeing a picture of them. 

And here is one more of the sky line.  A great city!  So clean and very safe.  A great place to visit not only for the skiing, but for the city itself. 

It was a great city, but I’m happy to be home to my family and warm temperatures of South Florida.


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As you all know we just made it back from our holiday travels to Charleston, South Carolina.  Charleston is one of my favorite cities for so many different reasons.  It is truly a beautiful city that has so much to offer.  It holds a special place in my heart.  I thought I would share the many reasons why I love this city and all the memories and all it has to offer! 

Here are a couple reasons why I have such special memories here…..

My husband and I got engaged right on the porch of this house in the above picture!  Yep!  My wonderful husband surprised me that August night by telling me there was a art show of special Southern artist at that house.  Boy was I surprised when I walked into a very quiet house with no art!  I soon forgot when I was guided to a porch decorated with candles and flowers.  I will never forget that very special night.

A year and two months after getting engaged we got married in this wonderful city!!  We actually got married in the oldest Baptist Church in Charleston. 

Now the other reasons why I love Charleston!

For it’s beauty….

For it’s wildlife….

For it’s handmade baskets by the locals….

For it’s nature….

For it’s early mornings on the water….

There is so much to love about this city.  I could only capture so much.  If you’ve never been it’s worth the trip!

Till next time….

Happy New Years Everyone!!!

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