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My new favorite magazine is the Donna Hay’s Kid Edition.  I discovered it on a quick trip to my local Barnes and Nobles and I’m so thankful I did.  There is plenty to keep kids and parents busy inside their annual kids issue.  There is everything from playful party plans to creative cakes and inventive meals to satisfy hungry monsters.  Donna Hay also has a magazine for us adults that is just beautiful!  I got a copy this weekend and I’m still taking my time reading and looking at all the beautiful photographs and recipes.  Donna Hay is an Australian magazine and I have to say expensive, around $10 a magazine if you buy off the shelf.  It’s hard to find too.  Like I said, I found mine at my local Barnes and Nobles but I couldn’t find it at my Books a Million which has the biggest magazine selection.  I did find it on Amazon and Mag Shop.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside the kids edition:

Make one, make three with easy kid-pleasing recipes you can create three ways.  Once you have the basics, add the twists for tasty variations on favorite meals.  The one above is muffins: blueberry, banana, and jam.  You can also find three ways to make pancakes, brownies, chicken drumsticks, frittata, or burgers.

Indulge active imaginations with party ideas that fuel fun as well as busy little bodies, from a party in the park, to a summery Hawaiian luau, or to a curiosity-charged science extravaganza for budding Einsteins.  Included in each party idea are recipes, activities, crafts, and so many more tips to help you recreate what you see in the pictures!  I love this magazine!!

Now I know how to make my own homemade pinata…in case that day ever comes!

Then there is this wonderful idea….homemade corsage’s out of cupcake liners!  How adorable!  I’m definitely going to try this one and I will document how it goes in a future post.

Also inside are birthday cakes that are low on effort and high on impact.  The one on the cover is one of my favorites!  And then there is this one….jelly monster!!

Again, this is a wonderful magazine and I can’t wait for next years kids addition!!


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